Services Levittown, NY
Here at Ostreicher Orthodontics, we offer the following services:

Orthodontics Levittown, NY


Orthodontics is a dental specialty that involves correcting teeth that are improperly positioned. Here at Ostreicher Orthodontics, we are proud to offer our clients the best and most up-to-date orthodontic services.

Our orthodontists treat malocclusions, which are often called bad bites. This is when you bite down and your teeth do not line up correctly. We also treat crooked teeth. Orthodontists also focus on the development of the facial bones and jaw.

While orthodontics can be considered mostly cosmetic, it is important to fix these problems for a healthy mouth. Teeth that are crooked or do not line up are the perfect place for food and bacteria to hide. They can also be hard to clean, leading to cavities and other problems down the line.

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Braces Levittown, NY


We use braces to treat many dental irregularities such as overcrowded teeth, malocclusions (bad bites), and much more. We also work to relieve the jaw pain of those who suffer from TMD.

Most often we use traditional metal and wire braces. They are also known as fixed “tram track” braces.

The point of braces is to move your teeth into the correct position. We also use braces to move teeth that are crooked or pointed in the wrong direction. Braces are also good at filling in unsightly gaps that may be between your teeth.

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Clear Braces

Most teens and adults are reluctant to get the care they need due to the appearance of orthodontic appliances.

That’s why we offer clear braces, which are much less noticeable than metal braces, but still give patients the smile they deserve.

Clear aligners are not the same as clear braces. Clear aligners are plastic trays that you wear over your teeth, like a shell. Clear braces are just like metal braces, but they are almost invisible.

Clear braces have many advantages. They are almost invisible, giving patients who do not want the look of traditional braces another alternative.

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Invisalign Levittown, NY


Invisalign® is a wonderful alternative treatment to braces. You can straighten your teeth without us putting metal in your mouth. Instead, we use plastic trays (also known as aligners) to move your teeth back into place. Each aligner is custom made to fit your mouth so you don’t have to worry about mouth irritation.

Since the aligners are removable, they are easier to keep clean. You can also continue to brush and floss your teeth without having to try to avoid harming your braces. It is also nice because you can eat whatever you want.

Invisalign® is also popular because the aligners are clear, so most people don’t even know you are wearing anything unless you tell them.

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