Continuing Education

Dr. Ostreicher is one of the most highly educated orthodontists in the country. After receiving his dental and orthodontic degrees from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, he continued his education and earned a Master of Nutrition and a Master of Public Health at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Dr. David is a professor emeritus of Preventive Dentistry (Columbia University), Nutrition (University of Bridgeport) and Public Health (University of New Haven).

Dr. David currently serves on the orthodontic advisory board of Procter & Gamble (the manufacturers of Crest toothpaste), and is a speaker for the Bone Alliance. Dr. Ostreicher has lectured worldwide for Align Technology (the manufacturer of Invisalign). He has authored dozens of journal articles and two books, Brush Your Teeth! and other simple ways to stay young and healthy and 7 Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth.

Not only is Dr. Ostreicher a teacher, he is a student as well. Though New York State requires every dentist to take 15 credit hours of continuing education each year, Dr. David takes about three times that amount!